• Recycle Bottle – Case Ultrasonic Washing Machine

    Recycle Bottle – Case Ultrasonic Washing Machine

    All recycled glass bottles and containers currently on the market are cleaned separately after the bottle and container are separated. To a large extent, this wastes energy and reduces efficiency. To solve this problem, GEM-TEC designed and invented the bottle and case integrated cleaning machine, the bottle and case together into the machine for cleaning. At the same time, we will clean steel parts, semiconductor devices, eye lenses used in the ultrasonic cleaning machine used in this machine, which undoubtedly greatly improve the cleaning efficiency. The machine was first used in Nanjing Zhongcui Coca-Cola Co., LTD. The company won the “Golden Can” award from the American Cola Headquarters for the machine.

  • Recycle Case & Basket Washing Machine

    Recycle Case & Basket Washing Machine

    First impressions count, and if customers see your drinks being turned around in dirty bins, they will probably not buy your products in the future. Dirt can not only cause sensory discomfort, but also easy to spread bacteria, dirty turnover box dirt is easy to contaminate your products. At GEM-TEC, you can get a solution to thoroughly clean the dirt of the turnover tank. In order to ensure the cleaning effect at the same time, in view of the characteristics of the turnover box more specifications, our machine can be adjusted for different specifications of the box can be used. And ensure consistent high quality cleaning effect.

  • Recycle Bottle Washing Machine

    Recycle Bottle Washing Machine

    For milk, beer and cola companies with a high annual output, due to the large number of glass bottles in the packaging, but the cost of glass bottles is high, so these companies must recycle glass bottles to reduce the production cost. At GEM-TEC, you can get a variety of recycling bottle, recycling bin (case) cleaning solutions.

  • Automatic-semi-automatic CIP Plant for Beverage System

    Automatic-semi-automatic CIP Plant for Beverage System

    CIP equipment uses a variety of cleaning detergents and hot and cold water to clean various storage tanks or filling systems. CIP equipment must remove mineral and biological residues, as well as other dirt and bacteria, and finally sterilize and disinfect equipment components.