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The world's leading liquid packaging solutions supplier.


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Our main products are: Water treatment system, beverage pre-treatment system, extraction system, CIP system, mixer, sugar dissolving system, blending system, homogeneous degassing system, UHT/HTST, bottle supply system, bottle blowing machine, bottle sorting machine, filling system, hot filling, ultra-clean filling, drinking water filling, bottled water filling, carbonated beverage filling, glass bottle beer filling, PET bottle beer filling, easy Pull can beer filling, condiment filling, secondary packaging system, transmission system, warm bottle system, pour bottle sterilization system, roller bottle washing machine, side bottle washing machine, etc.

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    Always puts the quality at the first place and strictly supervise the product quality of every process.

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    Our Factory has grown into a Premier ISO9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of High quality, Cost-Effective products.

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    The world's leading liquid packaging solutions supplier .China's packaging (liquid products) machinery research and development and manufacturing base.


In beverage, dairy, wine, condiments and daily chemical products five fields intensive farming.

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We have a professional sales, design, production, after-sales service team, can provide you with professional consultation.

Four Common Filling Methods for Liquid Filling Machines

Four Common Filling Methods for Liquid Filling Machines

Atmospheric pressure filling method refers to atmospheric pressure, relying on the liquid’s own weight into the packaging container

Automatic servo capping machine-Daily Chemicals Capping M... Servo capping machine is used to replace manual work to automatically seal the lid to the mouth of th...
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