• The Linear Cans Filling Machine

    The Linear Cans Filling Machine

    As a supplement to the high-speed rotating can filling machine, the linear cans filling machine can also fill a wide variety of products such as: beer, carbonated/soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks and teas. Because of its small footprint, flexible filling products, quick and convenient can replacement, so it is more popular with small-scale users. For example, using a linear can to fill craft beer is a small machine, but it also has a variety of functions (storage tank, rinse, CO2 purge, filling, lid, sealing). These functions are no different from those of rotary filling machines. There is also a short cycle time from the beer filling, to hang the lid, roll sealing, which maximizes the oxygen increase in the beer filling process, to ensure that the beer is more fresh and not oxidized.

  • Rotating Can Filling Machine

    Rotating Can Filling Machine

    Cans with its light weight, small size, easy to break, easy to carry and other advantages, favored by the majority of consumer groups. At the same time, it is made of metal material, so it has good protection from light. In contrast, glass bottles have poor anti-light performance. If glass bottles of drinks or beer are stored, they need to be put in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight, otherwise, the shelf life will be affected. These characteristics make cans completely superior to glass bottles in some packaging areas.