• Automatic Mineral / Pure Water Treatement Plants

    Automatic Mineral / Pure Water Treatement Plants

    Water is the source of life and the basic ingredient of all living things.¬†With the growth of population and the development of economy, the demand and quality of water are becoming higher and higher. However, the degree of pollution is getting heavier and the area of pollution is getting larger and larger. It seriously affects our health, such as heavy metals, pesticides, waste water from chemical plants, the main way to solve these problems is to do water treatment. The purpose of water treatment is to improve the water quality, that is, to remove harmful substances in the water through technical means, and the treated water can meet the requirements of drinking water. This system is suitable for groundwater and ground water as raw water area. The water treated by filtration technology and adsorption technology can reach GB5479-2006 “Quality Standard for Drinking Water”, CJ94-2005 “Quality Standard for Drinking Water” or “Standard for Drinking Water” of the World Health Organization. Separation technology, and sterilization technology. For special water quality, such as sea water, seabed water, design the treatment process according to the actual water quality analysis report.

  • Drink Beverage Pre-process System

    Drink Beverage Pre-process System

    A good drink must have good nutrition, taste, flavor and color. In addition, we pay more attention to the hygiene and safety of beverage products. High quality raw materials, unique formula, advanced technology, but also need to support sophisticated equipment. Pretreatment usually involves hot water preparation, sugar dissolution, filtration, mixing, sterilization and, for some beverages, extraction, separation, homogenization and degassing. And of course the CIP system.

  • High Speed Carbonated Drink Mixing Machine

    High Speed Carbonated Drink Mixing Machine

    Water and carbonated soft drinks remain the two most valuable beverage categories in the world. In order to meet the demand of carbonation, we designed and developed the JH-CH type high speed carbonated beverage mixer. It can more efficiently mix syrup, water and CO2 in a set ratio (within the range of conditions) to produce the effect of water into soda.