What Are the Characteristics of Beer Beverage Filling Machine?

The beer beverage filling machine is suitable for filling and sealing easy-to-use cans in the beer and aerated beverage industries. This combination machine adopts a single chamber equal pressure filling valve filling, which will not pick up the bubbling phenomenon during the filling process. The sealing is double-rolled edge spin forming, frequency conversion speed control, suitable for filling and sealing of all aerated beverages. It is mainly used for the filling of beer, soft drinks, cola, gas wine, and other gas-containing beverages.



The beer beverage filling machine has the following features.

1. For the filling characteristics of beer, it adopts a professional beer equal pressure valve and vacuums twice.

2. The filling part includes a centering device, which can be centered first and then filled, and the operation is stable so that the filling valve will not destroy the bottle mouth because of no centering and cause the hidden problem of broken glass bottles.

3. Adopt PCL programmable control, realize the fully automatic control from the bottle into the machine to the finished packaging, adopt the frequency conversion speed control, easy to adjust the user to adjust the preparation, to meet the requirements of different processes on the production capacity.

4. Adopting the principle of equal pressure filling and the popular spring valve to ensure the quality of beer.

5. Adopted advanced magnetic clutch to adjust the capping torque device to ensure the quality of capping.

The filling valve of our beer filling machine can also use electronic filling. This filling method controls the opening and closing of the beer valve, vacuuming, exhaust pressure relief and other actions are pneumatic control, and the filling flow rate can be adjusted appropriately. The structure is more simple, reliable and easy to maintain. You can also customize the fully automatic CIP feature, cleaning fake cups automatically installed without manual operation.

For customers with accurate filling requirements, electronic quantitative filling valve can be used to change the capacity. As long as the filling speed is adjusted on the man-machine interface, accurate switching can be achieved.

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Post time: Apr-14-2023