Timely Cleaning Is the Basic Maintenance of Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine

Nowadays, people’s awareness of the safety of drinking supplies has increased, and many work units take barrels of water as the choice of drinking water source is both fast and safe, and convenient, as the gas-containing beverage filling machine is particularly important for the safety of human drinking water, for which it continues to absorb and adopt advanced technical knowledge.



Distillation is the process of boiling water and then collecting the steam so that it cools and condenses into a liquid. Distilled water is extremely safe to drink, but there are some issues to explore further. Since distilled water does not contain minerals, this becomes a reason for opponents to suggest that human life expectancy is prone to aging. In addition, the use of the distillation method is more expensive, and consuming water treatment accessories supplies, can not remove volatile substances in the water.

When the aerated beverage filling machine after a period of time, workers should clean the components in the equipment, because the equipment will certainly work for a long time there will be garbage accumulation in it, so cleaning on time is the basic common sense to maintain the equipment. We do the drinking industry, the important thing is hygiene and cleanliness, so make your machine clean, not only the appearance, the inside should also be cleaned often, in order not to affect the water quality of the output.

1. To prevent the filter media into the reverse osmosis device: choose the right filter outlet device to prevent the filter from leaking sand leakage activated carbon; choose the right activated carbon to prevent the use of the process of de powder.

2. Set up an independent water supply system for the aerated beverage filling machine with tap water as the water source, which can ensure the stable operation of the water supply system and reduce the instantaneous impact on the whole plant water supply network when the RO system starts and stops. When the RO device takes water directly from the raw water pipe network, high and low-pressure protection facilities should be set up, because most of the pressure fluctuations in the tap water network are large.

3. Firstly, the compatibility between the agent and the agent should be considered, and secondly, the compatibility between the agent and the membrane material should be considered. For example, coagulant, coagulant aid, biocide, reducing agent, and scale inhibitor are often used simultaneously in RO systems. Since colloids in natural water are generally negatively charged, cationic coagulants with a positive charge are usually used.

Post time: Apr-14-2023